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Why Choose Szymon Zephan Capital

Whether you are a mid-market company seeking exposure to new capital or are looking for a strategic partner for an acquisition or a divestiture, Szymon Zephan Capital is not only your advisor but also your partner and ally. We assist you in arranging growth debt and growth equity for your unique situation and circumstances. No deal is alike in every way and we assist you in structuring an optimum solution tailored just for your specific needs. We connect you with the right capital you need.


Our subscription to, and knowledge of, a wide range of generalised and specialist databases, coupled with our experience in searching through other pertinent intelligence, means that your acquisition criteria are compared against a comprehensive yet relevant population of potential target businesses.


Szymon Zephan Capital’s affiliations have been built through many years of working closely on successful transactions across a diverse set of clients/industries and funding partners.  We deploy our seasoned industry experts to develop and maintain strong links with all key players within various industries locally and abroad.


Szymon Zephan Capital’s involvement reduces  management burden normally associated with acquisition programmes whilst keeping them fully in control with a project management approach ensuring that the proper momentum is maintained throughout the entire transaction.
Experienced with adding intangible value to mid market market transactions and negotiating under difficult situations.
We are creative with deal savvy and take pride in our unparalleled Relationship managers’ care with each client.


As an experienced intermediary, Szymon Zephan Capital can demonstrate to prospective buyers and sellers, realistic methods of valuing their business and explain the logic of our clients’ proposals in a simplified yet comprehensive manner.
As an intermediary, we can also be invaluable in exploring options and helping resolve misunderstandings for M&A transactions.
For Debt and Equity raises, we help you get the right capital for your needs and manage the relationship to ensure your continued success.

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